Politicians and Videogames

by piscianemperor

They play games all the time,with each other,and with the gullible electorate.Now they are becoming the subject of several online games.Whether its Dancing Tony Blair,Polar Palin or Kerry Bush Bash,generation Y is having a lot of fun making its inscrutable politicians dance to its tunes.

The latest of them is of course,the Shoegate scandal.The incident, in which reporter Muntadar al-Zeidi flung his footwear at Bush during a Baghdad press conference , has turned into a fast-moving internet theme, spawning dozens of games and video mashups.

Bushtrix !

Bushtrix !

Meanwhile, al-Zeidi, a journalist based in Cairo, Egypt, is well on his way to becoming the international hero of Bush haters. A Facebook group dedicated to al-Zaidi — who capped his shoe-toss with the soon-to-be-immortal words, “This is your farewell kiss, you dog!” — already shows hundreds of fans.

“Great job!” wrote a Facebook user on the fan page. “The real hero. God bless you mate.”

Some weeks ago,a Hyderabad-based firm develeoped Big Fight,a boxing match between Barack Obama and John McCain.But the desi leaders are not far behind,running back n forth across the computer screen.There’s Lalu ki Ladli,a game around the rustic minister preparing for the marriage of his darling BUFFALO !Then there is Singh is Kinng,in which our heroic Prime Minister navigates through real issues of his tenor.

Such games form only 2 percent of the online gaming portfolio of the company(games2win),but they are gaining popularity despite their recent debut.and while its good fun playing superheroes or live on Second Life,there is a cathectic release playing a political game.

If punching faces isn’t enough,try the more challenging Floodbath-it involves throwing all the garbage from the streets and the sewers onto the politicians’ face!

Game for some Bushbashing ? Here are some links:



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