Virtual Graphics Card-Play latest Games without Graphic Cards

by piscianemperor

This sounds almost too good to be true,doesn’t it?

Many times we are stuck up with a system that just doesn’t provide enough juice to run the latest game…the result being-

  • you either spend a pot of money (atleast Rupees 3500 or 70$) for getting the latest graphics card
  • or you just read reviews of games like Crysis , Far Cry on gamespot and feel like a noob,fully knowing that your system just won’t be able to support it.

Take heart ! Here’s a wicked software with which you can beat 128-256 MB of graphics card requirements with a very modest 1GB DDR2 RAM.

The savior is 3D-Analyzer.Click to download.

What it does is,it uses a part of your RAM as Graphics card memory. For example,if you got 1GB DDR2 RAM,then it’ll use 128MB of it as a Virtual Graphics card,and the remaining 896MB will be used as a regular RAM.

Cool right….so you can Virtually emulate NVIDIA GeForce TI 4600,NVIDIA GeForce FX 4900 ULTRA,ATi Radeon  8500,ATi Radeon 9800 PRO.Follow the given procedure:

After downloading the software,first install it.

You’ll see something like this:

3D Emulator-Starting Screen

3D Analyzer-Starting Screen

Next,click on ‘Select’ option.



Select  FarCry.exe

Next step,select the options as shown.Note that i have selected the VendorID as 4098 and DeviceID 20400 as i want to select the ATi Radeon 9800 PRO graphics card(use the index provided in the screen on the right). Click on Run.Doesn’t matter even if you don’t save the batch file.Your ready to roll ! Please note that the .exe file is to be selected from the main folder,and not the shortcut present on the desktop.

Final Screenshot

I got Oblivion 4 and Neverwinter Nights 2 to work using this. For running Oblivion however,you need to install a patch called Oldblivion.Click to download and follow the instuctions on Oldblivion site.

For Neverwinter Nights 2,you need to tweak the stuff a bit.

Go to Start->Run->regedit.Then press F3 and search for hardwareinformation.memorysize.Click on the file,and modify the binary values to 00 00 00 08.This fools the system into believing that you have 128MB video RAM.Then select only the ‘emulate hw tnl caps’ option.Do not select any other.Select ATi Radeon 9800.Click on Run.

On Popular Demand :

Here is a video showing how to choose the settings for FIFA 09. The procedure is basically the same for any other game. The Vendor ID and Device ID are not properly visible in the video and are 4098 and 20040 respectively.

Please read:

Hello! I am glad to see the overwhelming response. I wrote this post way back in 2009, when graphics cards were not so common. Moreover the games 3 years back were not as graphics intensive as the games right now. This is how heavy some of the games 8 months back were- I have a Alienware laptop with 2GB graphics, 4GB RAM and a i7 quad core processor. Even then, Call of Duty black ops used to run at very low frame rate. It was almost a pin playing it. That choppy.

My point is- no game you guys are trying to make work is going to work with this software. There is no other option except to go for a graphics card- that too a high end one. Or else, get a Xbox/ Playstation. Hence, I am closing the comments on this post.

Thank you.

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