Ses’fikile Wines

Ses’fikile Wines is the latest in adult grape juice. It is a black owned brand of delightful bottles of wine founded by Nondumiso Pikashe. There are a variety of bottles available from your whites (Chenin Blanc / Roussanne ) to your reds (Shiraz / Cinsault & Cabernet Sauvignon). 

White Opal is absolutely crazy about its unique (South African) name, as well as its simple yet elegant bottling & design.

Ses’fikile Wines is not available in stores as yet, however it is available for purchase. The price is R360 for a case of six across the range, exclusive of delivery. For more info on purchasing Ses’fikile Wines click on the image above or contact:

Skin Care 101

Let’s be real, we all struggle with our skin at times if not all the time. Whether it’s too dry or too oily or there’s an issue with one of those horrible unexpected zits. 

Great skin is something we all aspire to, & we aspire to keep it healthy & radiant.

Below is a routine on how to ensure great skin. P.S this routine is absolutely vital if you wear make up regularly, as it will help with unclogging your pores.

Here we go, 

Step 1: Wash your face 

Wash your face with a regular bar of soap (sunlight green bar) to clean your face.

Step 2: Steam your face

Steam your face using boiling water for no longer than 10 minutes, or until water starts to come down your face. Timing is essential because you don’t want to overdo it. You can also add oils (lavender or chamomile) to the boiling water for a more rejuvenating steam. 

Step 3: Apply a facemask 

Once your face is dry, apply a soft facemask that will rid your skin of whatever toxins are left. Apply an egg, banana or milk facemask as other kinds of facemasks could be too harsh on your skin after steaming it. 

Step 4: Cleanse/Tone 

After you wash the facemask off, use a cleanser or toner (preferably Clinique or even Gentle Magic skin oil) to finish off the cleansing process.

Step 5: Moisturize

Last but not least; moisturize. Always, always, always keep your skin moisturized.

Try to squeeze this routine into your life at least once a week, & notice a difference. Also remember to drink your fluids. Til the next post!

5 Days til Showtime




Update: We’re still super excited about this year’s Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show held in The City of Love. Each year gives birth to an exceptional collection, better than the ones before, & White Opal just cannot wait to see what they have in store for us this year. We also cannot wait to find out what this year’s theme is, & we all know that the fashion shows aren’t complete without an amazing lineup. It’s been confirmed that the artists that are to perform at the fashion show this year are none other than Lady Gaga, The Weeknd & Bruno Mars. Both The Weeknd & Bruno Mars have performed in previous years, so we can only imagine that their performances will be just as amazing.

The official air date is December 5th 2016 however, stay glued to your screens for the official air date for the fashion show on South African screens.

Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show 2016



As the models land in Paris today, the countdown to Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show Begins. White Opal cannot wait for the Fashion Show to officially air & to take a peek at this year’s cute collection, gorgeous models as well as enjoy the lovely tunes set to perform by the artists from this year’s line up.

Introducing the Colour.


There is nothing wrong with allowing boys to be boys, & allowing girls to be girls. However there is also nothing wrong with allowing both to be the other either. Gender & sexuality as we may know by now is a little more complex than we could have ever thought. Yes, in the end there is only man & woman however gender identity & sexuality isn’t always black & white. It’s quite vital that we take it upon ourselves to educate ourselves & those within a radius of us on all types of sexualities & gender identity.

L – Lesbian. Cisgendered homosexual women. i.e A woman who is attracted to women, identifies as a female but may or may not, entirely, dress like a woman.

G – Gay. Refers to homosexual individuals, but mostly used to describe cisgendered homosexual men. i.e A man who is attracted to men, identifies as male but may or may not, entirely, dress like a man.

T – Transgender/Transsexual. Males or females who identify differently from the gender they were born in.  Some transsexuals choose to undergo hormone replacement therapy &/ surgery, while others merely choose to revamp their wardrobe to something they’re more comfortable with, without changing their physical appearance (medically).

Q – Queer. Another term for anyone who is homo/transsexual. Usually males or females who don’t quite identify/choose not to identify as any gender (gender queer). They dress however they please.

I – Intersex. Males or females that are born with genitalia that isn’t a hundred percent male or female. Some choose a gender to identify with, others don’t. Some go through surgery willingly, others unwillingly, & others – not at all. They too, dress however they please.

Now, you may have already be well-informed on the information above but have you come to a logical conclusion? What harm does it bring raising kids who are different? Is the LGBTQI community a threat, & if so (which i highly doubt), how?

Set aside the black & white & introduce the greys. The pinks. They reds. Create an open, warm space for it to feel welcomed. We live amongst, transsexual, pansexual, intersex individuals etc, not just gays, lesbians & bisexuals. & certainly not just cisgendered heterosexuals.

The point is not to raise a generation with an increased rate of homosexuality & transexuality (though there’s is nothing wrong with that), but to stop the perpetual cycle of stereotypes that encourages violent acts towards those who not only dare, but can’t help, but be different. I encourage you to raise a generation of well-informed individuals for they are the next generation’s society. & in order for us all to coexist, we’ll need a society that’s hasn’t been taught to be tolerant but is naturally kind & accepting.