Hair by Herbs




Hair care is super essential but most hair products tend to be a bit pricey. Below are a few homemade hair tonic recipes that you can make with basic ingredients you can find in your pantry or your nearest herb shop.

1. Aloe Vera hair tonic

• Aloe Vera juice
• Water
• Sage essential oil

• Get four tablespoons of Aloe Vera juice and pour it into a jar.
• Add eight drops of sage essential oil.
• Add one teaspoon of water to the jar.
• Seal the jar tightly and shake it well.
• Store it in the fridge and pour it into your hair whenever you wash it. Let it sit for fifteen minutes & wash it out with lukewarm water.

2. Parsley + Rosemary hair tonic.

• Parsley seeds
• Rosemary
• Water

• Add two tablespoons of parsley seeds to the jar.
• Add half a cup of chopped rosemary.
• Add two cups of boiled water.
• Let the mixture sit for twenty minutes then remove the parsley seeds & rosemary contents.
• Pour into your hair & leave it in for an hour or until it dries (rinsing it out isn’t necessary).

3. Nettle hair tonic

• Nettle leaves
• Water
• Essential oils

• Add one handful of nettle leaves to a boil with two cups of water.
• Let it sit for ten minutes then drain it of its solutions.
• Add the essential oils to the jar.
• Add the Nettle mixture.
• Apply the mixture to your hair while shampooing. Leave it in for ten minutes then rinse out with cold water.

4. Mint hair tonic

• Dried mint
• Water
• Vinegar

• Add three tablespoons of dried mint, half a cup of vinegar & a cup of water to a saucepan. Cook for five minutes.
• Drain once cooked & allow it to cool down before usage.
• Apply as shampoo, rinse it then shampoo wash hair with actual shampoo.

5. Horsetail hair tonic

• Horsetail
• Water

• Add a handful of horsetail to a boil of four cups of water.
• Drain the mixture of its contents.
• Allow the mixture to cool down before usage.
• Apply into hair after shampooing then wrap your head in a towel.
• Allow the mixture to sit 15 minutes before washing it out.

There you go ladies. A few tips for easy, essential hair care.

When To Throw It Away


I don’t know about you ladies but I tend to hoard my makeup for as long as possible. Usually I wait until whatever it’s contained in, is empty or until products like foundation get clumpy & clay-like. Below is an accurate list to test the longevity of your makeup.

• Pencil eyeliner – Two years
• Gel/Liquid liner – Eighteen months (max)
• Mascara – Four to Six months
• Eyeshadow – Two years
• Concealer – Eighteen months
• Foundation – Six months to a year (max)
• Powder – Two years
• Lipstick – One year

Now, most brands have their own, different, longevity printed on the bottom or side of the product but the list above will help ensure that you don’t hoard your makeup long enough for it to cause a bad reaction to your skin when you use it.

EmpressMoret Bodycare


Keondra Bey, founder of EmpressMoret Bodycare may have just created the next big thing in skincare.

The founder states that her reason for starting the brand was because, “Growing up I suffered with many skin ailments. I noticed that most of the commercial products in stores didn’t work or made my skin worse. So I started experimenting with natural butters, oils, herbs, & botanicals to heal myself. After amazing results, I decided to start a plant-based bodycare business to help people with problematic skin.”

Some of the bodycare products she has created are;

1. Face scrub.


2. Body balm.


3. Hair & Body cleanser.


More information on the product line & where it is available for purchase is available on their official EmpressMoret site: . Make sure you don’t miss out on their current sale! NB: shipping is FREE, so do yourselves a favour & make an order now!