When To Throw It Away


I don’t know about you ladies but I tend to hoard my makeup for as long as possible. Usually I wait until whatever it’s contained in, is empty or until products like foundation get clumpy & clay-like. Below is an accurate list to test the longevity of your makeup.

• Pencil eyeliner – Two years
• Gel/Liquid liner – Eighteen months (max)
• Mascara – Four to Six months
• Eyeshadow – Two years
• Concealer – Eighteen months
• Foundation – Six months to a year (max)
• Powder – Two years
• Lipstick – One year

Now, most brands have their own, different, longevity printed on the bottom or side of the product but the list above will help ensure that you don’t hoard your makeup long enough for it to cause a bad reaction to your skin when you use it.


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