Skincare 101

Let’s be real, we all struggle with our skin at times if not all the time. Whether it’s too dry or too oily or there’s an issue with one of those horrible unexpected zits. 

Great skin is something we all aspire to, & we aspire to keep it healthy & radiant.

Below is a routine on how to ensure great skin. P.S this routine is absolutely vital if you wear make up regularly, as it will help with unclogging your pores.

Here we go…

  • Step 1: Wash your face 

Wash your face with a regular bar of soap (sunlight green bar) to clean your face.

  • Step 2: Steam your face

Steam your face using boiling water for no longer than 10 minutes, or until water starts to come down your face. Timing is essential because you don’t want to overdo it. You can also add oils (lavender or chamomile) to the boiling water for a more rejuvenating steam. 

  • Step 3: Apply a facemask 

Once your face is dry, apply a soft facemask that will rid your skin of whatever toxins are left. Apply an egg, banana or milk facemask as other kinds of facemasks could be too harsh on your skin after steaming it. 

  • Step 4: Cleanse/Tone 

After you wash the facemask off, use a cleanser or toner (preferably Clinique) to finish off the cleansing process.

  • Step 5: Moisturize

Last but not least; moisturize. Always, always, always keep your skin moisturized. I recommend using the Gentle Magic skin lotion as it keeps the skin hydrated & improves your complexion.

Try to squeeze this routine into your life at least once a week, & notice a difference. Also remember to drink your fluids. Til the next post!


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