New year, new me.

Every year comes with a fresh start, at least that is what we would all like. And with every year, we let go of the old in order to welcome the new. Whether it be letting go of old clothes that don’t fit anymore or even old friends we no longer gel with anymore.

In the year 2017, I would like to declare a fresh start. I would like to declare optimism into my life and much more. 

I would like to cast aside the things I may have had the tolerance for in the past, but no longer do. 

No more hoarding things in the name of ‘sentimental value’.

No more living in cautious optimism, but in everlasting faith. 

No more fearing what lies ahead, but openly awaiting what the future has in store. 

No more crying or reminiscing about the past, more soaking up and enjoying the present.

No more wasted breath over fake friends or former lovers. 

No more dwelling in pain caused by circumstance or people that are no longer present in my life.

No more wasted time on relationships that are more exhausting to maintain than to let go of. 

No more bonds with the pretentious, the disloyal, the unsupportive, the unkind and the arrogant.

No more enduring tasks or vibes that I have no interest in. Or vibes that bring no pleasure to my existence.

Less defeat. More resilience.

Less heavy sighing. More jubilant laughter.

I enter 2017 with an unburdened heart and zero beef. And I intend to exit 2017 that way. 
To health. To wealth. To contentment, & living life more selfishly.


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