Skincare 101 

Alright, so in my previous Skincare 101 blog post, I tackled the basic skincare routine that every woman should know by now. Wash, steam, exfoliate, cleanse/tone & moisturize. 

In the next few Skincare 101 blog post, I will be dissecting the skincare routine & going into a bit more detail for every step.

First on the list is washing your face. Now, I think everyone knows which brand of soap works for their face, & if you do not then I would suggest using the normal sunlight green bar (as mentioned in the previous post). 

Alright, I am going to jump right into the next step which is streaming. In this blog post I will be elaborating on the benefits of steaming, what you will need, & the instructions on how to do it properly.

  • The Benefits of Steaming 

Steaming is the best way to relax your facial muscles. This helps your pores relax & helps unclog your pores. Steaming helps remove dead cells/toxins from the skin caused by excessive touching or perspiring. Steaming helps enhance blood circulation in the face. This is responsible for that glow you see post steaming.

  • What you will need 

All you will need is basic home essentials; a kettle to boil the water, a towel to cover your head, & a plastic basin/glass bowl. 

  • Instructions 

Simply boil water in the kettle & transfer the water from the kettle to the plastic basin. Grab a towel & place it over your head as you place your head over the plastic basin/glass bowl. Steam your face for 5 minutes. 

P. S: You can add essential oils to the boiling water, if you please. These will help unclog your pores & repair tissue.

Follow everything above mentioned precisely, & you will be well away to unclogged pores and glowing skin. 

What to expect from my next Skincare 101 blogpost: Tips for Exfoliating + more face masks you should try out. 


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